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Courses at the European Parliament

  • MAB Lingua organizes specific and tailor-made courses for anyone working at the European Parliament (MEPs, assistants, civil servants, etc.). Regardless of the language chosen, MAB Lingua courses improve your skills at work as well as in social contexts:


Language requirements in a social context:


The English, French and Dutch courses develop the ability of expatriate student to integrate into the cosmopolitan city of Brussels. It enables the student to get around the city and to understand its inhabitants and customs. The role-plays performed during the class prepare the student to face ordinary social situations such as shopping, eating in restaurants and going to parties. Of course, the student can always ask the teacher to work on a specific situation, for example a doctor’s consultation, a school registration, etc.


Language requirements in a professional context:


Both English and French are important to communicate and to understand what is said within the European Parliament. Improving these languages allows the student to express him/herself better, hence to defend his or her position within a meeting or negotiation.

If you are attending meetings in Strasbourg, participating in a debate in English or communicating with the other actors of the European Institutions, we prepare you actively for all situations.

"Speak well and you'll be heard"


  • MAB Lingua offers the flexibility required by the European Parliament’s actors as well as ensuring regularity in the planning of language courses. This flexibility combined with regularity guarantees progress and effectiveness.



  • MAB lingua offers a tailor-made program that ensures progress while dealing with subjects that are important to the student. He/she is always able to present documents, subjects or any material to the teacher in order to work on them.

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