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MAB Lingua - Our method

Our method is build around :


  • Verbal communication: Best for the acquisition of a true understanding of grammar, of vocabulary and of idiomatic expressions is the practice of an extensive conversation.

We commit to have the student speak 70% of the time devoted to a lesson.

  • Development of the student's self-confidence: Through role playing techniques, we want the student to feel comfortable and get rid of his/her inhibitions so that he/she will be able to use after each course the simple or complex themes just learned.

Our primary objective is to build students' self-confidence.


  • Pleasure: Language learning can also be a pleasure if the student focuses on matters that are useful to him/her and correspond to personal interests. Hence programmes and teaching material are individually adapted to every student's interests. We have banned standard material, the use of the same books for all our clients. We recognize that every student is unique.

We want to reconcile pleasure and intensity in language learning !


  • Motivation: This is the real « engine » in language learning. When a student wants to ask a question, regardless of complexity, we never escape the need to address it. These questions are generally connected to a theme that he/she wants to use in every day life and they boost the student's ability to memorize. Curiosity and motivation facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and improve the ability to practice.

Our teachers' mission is to encourage the student and foster his/her motivation !


  • Intensive pace : For 1 ½ hour (or more), the student only speaks or hears the language he/she wants to acquire through various forms of sentences (affirmatives, negative, interrogative.) and except for special and limited purposes, he/she does not write. Translation by the teacher of words or elements of a sentence is only a last-recourse solution, when there is no other way to maintain otherwise the pace of the lesson.

Our teachers are trained to use periphrases rather than translations.


  •  Feed back : is a key ingredient in language learning and MAB provides ongoing assessments of the student's progress so that the instruction mode remains intensely individual, geared to specific problems which may arise from time to time.

No serious student of yours will be left behind.

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