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MAB Lingua - Programmes

Initial Interview: Each individual programme is developed to match the student's learning requirements. Initial level of proficiency, personal goals and interests are determined in a personel interview. In the case of groups, the teacher will also assess the compatibility of the various members.



Time span: A private language lesson typically runs for 1h30, and semi-private courses for 2h.



Location: courses are given on-site: student's office or domicile. Travel cost is covered by a surcharge on the first unit which is standard for the Brussels region (19 communes).



Scheduling: Day and time are agreed in advance. For private courses, the student is allowed to reschedule in agreement with the teacher, subject to the latter's availability (for instance, postpone by one or two days). Rescheduling and cancellations are only possible with prior notice of minimum 24 hours (weekends excluded). In all other cases, the course will be invoiced.



Programmes and materials are truly « tailor-made » to suit each student :

  • A preliminary free interview determines the student’s objectives, needs, interests, motivation and level of a potential student. These parameters are key to enable us to design an individual programme, establishing clear and timely objectives and selecting the best qualified teacher.
  • The appointed teacher will then select material that will adequately support the programme (texts and illustrations adapted to beginners, newspaper and magazine clippings, specialised brochures, dialogues and audio material to develop auditory comprehension and accents, DVDs etc).


Synopsis and individual home work: At the end of each course, the student is given a synopsis including the grammar and vocabulary covered. The teacher must also develop homework relating to the previous courses but also intended - and if needed repeated - to correct particular weaknesses. This also helps the student to progress in his/her writing ability.
In addition, if the student desires, we will supply a grammar adapted to his (her) level for a modest price.



Follow-up of students and monitoring of teachers: at regular intervals the student receives an evaluation form from MAB Lingua management which facilitates assessment of the programme and teacher selection, monitoring progress and, if needed, implementing corrective action. At the end of every month, the teacher must complete a progress report in order to help MAB Lingua management to carry out the follow up process.



Special requests: A student can always ask the teacher to change the programme to help him/her with a specific need… eg. to prepare a presentation, a conference, a meeting with the doctor, to write an



MAB Lingua - Prices


 Our fees (VAT excluded) for programmes in Brussels are:


Number of lessons Hours Number of students Total price  Price/lesson   Price/hour 
15 lessons 1h30 1 student € 1.245,00 € 83,00 € 55,33
15 lessons  1h30 2 students € 1.395,00 € 93,00 € 62,00
15 lessons  1h30 3 students € 1.545,00 € 103,00 € 68,60



 Lessons by Skype/phone are also possible (VAT excluded) :


Number of lessons      Minutes     Total Total price   Price/lesson    Price/hour  
20 45' 900 minutes € 730,00 € 36,50 € 48,66



  •     For the Brussels region (« 19 communes »), all travel charges are included.
  •     For other locations: tariff upon request.

Preliminary interview:

  •     Free of charge


  •    Semi-private courses may not be rescheduled. Private courses may be rescheduled    with a prior notice of minimum 24 hours (weekends excluded). Courses cancelled by    the student within 24 hours are invoiced.

Terms of payment:

  •    Standard terms: 50 % of the programme to be paid in advance with the balance due      before the second half of the programme begins.
  •    Corporate terms: subject to prior approval, billing may be monthly in arrear and          payments are due within 15 days of the date of invoice.

When comparing our tariffs with others, please note that the above prices are inclusive of :  

- The preliminary interview with the student(s)
- Courses
- Fixed Travel costs
- Personalised material
This excludes additional grammar books, dictionaries or exercise books of independent publishers; those may be ordered at the student request, and supplied by the school at book store prices
- Regular follow-up with the student
- Written follow up reports on the student progress
 A programme must include a minimum of 15 courses

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